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New horizons in 2020

This month we have made a considerable investment in our production line up to bring enhancements across the board from film, streaming and aerial.

Live Streaming:

Our ProStream platform has now received a significant upgrade with a dedicated custom built 12-core computer to operate high-end live broadcasts. This not only provides additional stability, reducing the likelihood of dropped frames, but enables us to bring in more advanced graphics assets such as motion graphics.

The second part to its upgrade includes a LiveU unit that is commonly used by broadcasters such as the BBC. This provides a serious confidence boost for event organisers from not only providing redundancy to account for the loss of connection, but also enables live outside broadcasts to be produced seamlessly.


With the addition of a new Inspire 2 aircraft to our line up, we have increased our production capability by introducing both ProRes and CinemaDNG 5.2K RAW filming with the ability to provide either single or dual operators, live stream output and a range of high quality lenses for different scenarios.


In July this year, we will receive deliery of the new Canon R5 camera which boasts full frame filming up to 8K RAW. This is a significant jump in the camera world and whilst it is ahead of its time in terms of the standard broadcast format, it provides much more scope when working with footage in post production.

In addition, we have invested in a range of ancilliary equipment including the highly sought after Aputure 120d key light and light dome soft box.

If you'd like to find out more about the range of tools that we use to produce content for our clients, or would like to explore working together, please click here to drop us a message.

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