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Going online and live streaming your business activities has become very much the (we hate to say it but...) 'new normal'
There's a new way to bring a live experience to your online audience that combines the technology of television broadcasting into an affordable, engaging platform that distributes content across multiple social channels.

Networking Event
Behind the Scenes

ProStream allows you to deliver an online experience that your competitors will simply be unable to match. It will dazzle your viewers and provide an unrivalled level of engagement.  Click here to find out how to it works.


With multiple camera feeds, we can ensure that we can capture the very best of your event, professional broadcast level cameras with even the ability to incorporate feeds from  our professional drone aircraft.



Professional production now with 4G redundancy available

Mulitiple camera angles using professional kit up to 4K resolution

Broadcast to multiple social media channels

Include titles, motion graphics, display ads or watermark logos

Run realtime social media polls

Include interviews using Skype

Moderate & display social media comments in realtime

In addition to ProStream Cameras, add up to 10 IOS devices via Wifi

Range of stock video and royalty free audio to enhance your broadcast


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