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Capture your event like never before

You're in the middle of work or sitting at home and next thing, a notification pings on your phone - it's a business or even a friend streaming something live on Facebook. Your interest is piqued as it gives you an immediate insight into what's happening right now, elsewhere in the world. The technology, although brilliant in it's ability to connect us to each other has become a bit of a norm now, however many businesses aren't exploiting the full potential of live streaming and the true impact it can have on their brand.

ProStream is the new Live Streaming service from Brand Enable that raises the bar of conventional live streaming. It's a fully enhanced professional broadcasting platform that allows businesses to take control over their content and project their brand in a way that very few others can and have been able to do well. ProStream is designed for product launches and events that enables you to combine multiple camera feeds into your stream, along with motion graphics such as an animated version of your logo which can be dropped in at regular intervals, pre-prepared video content, ads, twitter feeds, backing tracks, titles and much more. The result is a slick, professional broadcast that can be output to multiple streams at once, giving you maximum exposure across your social channels.

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Give your online viewers every perspective with ProStream

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